Josemaría Escrivá Obras

That good friend of ours wrote: “Many times I have asked the Lord to forgive me my very great sins. Kissing the Crucifix, I have told him that I love him and I have thanked him for his fatherly providence during these days. I was rather surprised, as I had been years ago, when I found myself saying (I didn’t realise it until later): Dei perfecta sunt opera — all the works of God are perfect. At the same time I was left with the complete certainty, without the slightest doubt, that this reply to his sinful yet loving creature came from my God. All my hope is in him! May he be blessed for ever!!”

I hastened to reply: “The Lord always acts as the good Father he is, and gives us continual proofs of his Love. Place all your hope in him... and keep up your struggle.”

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