Josemaría Escrivá Obras
What appears in these pages is Christian life itself, in which-at Christ's pace-the divine and the human are interwoven, not confused, and yet kept in perfect union.

Like The Way, Furrow is the fruit of St. Josemaria's interior life and experience with souls. It presents an attractive Christian vision of the human virtues. "Furrow is directed to the whole Christian person-body and soul, nature and grace," wrote Bishop Alvaro del Portillo in the foreword to the book.

St. Josemaria had hoped to make a final revision of the book before he died, but didn't have time to do so. The first edition appeared in 1986. Since then, over half a million copies have been printed in many different languages.

(from author's prologue:) "My friend and reader, let me help your soul contemplate the human virtues, for grace builds upon nature. But don't forget that these considerations of mine, though they may seem very human to you, must be priestly as well, since I have written them for you and for myself-I have put them into practice too-before God. I ask our Lord that these pages may be of use for us. May we profit by them and be moved by them to leave behind us in our life a deep and fertile 'furrow', left by our deeds."