Josemaría Escrivá Obras

Our King's eagerness for suffering has been fully satisfied! —They lead Our Lord to the courtyard of the palace, and there they call together their whole band (Mark 15:16). —The brutal soldiers strip His most pure body. —They drape a dirty purple rag about Jesus. —A reed, as a sceptre, in His right hand...

The crown of thorns, driven in by blows, makes Him a mock king... Ave Rex Judeorum! —Hail, King of the Jews (Mark 15:18). And with their blows they wound His head. And they strike Him... and they spit on Him.

Crowned with thorns and clothed in rags of purple, Jesus is shown to the Jewish mob: Ecce Homo! —Behold the Man! And again the chief priests and the ministers raise the cry, saying: Crucify Him, crucify Him (John 19:5-6).

—You and I..., haven't we crowned Him anew with thorns, and struck Him and spit on Him?

Never more, Jesus, never more... And a firm and concrete resolution marks the end of these ten Hail Marys.

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