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Put not the slightest trust in those who present the virtue of humility as something degrading, or as a virtue condemning us to a permanent state of dejection. To know we are made of clay, riveted together again, is a continual source of joy. It means acknowledging our littleness in the eyes of God: a little child, a son. Can there be any joy to compare with that of the person who, knowing himself to be poor and weak, knows also that he is a son of God? Why do we men become dejected? It is because life on earth does not go the way we had hoped, or because obstacles arise which prevent us from satisfying our personal ambitions.

Nothing like this happens when a person lives the supernatural reality of his divine filiation. 'If God is for us, who can be against us?' As I never tire of repeating: let them be sad who are determined not to recognise that they are children of God!

Finally, we find in today's liturgy two petitions which should spring like arrows from our lips and hearts: 'O almighty God, may our ceaseless celebration of these divine mysteries help us to merit the gifts of heaven.' And 'O Lord, grant that we may constantly serve you in accordance with your will.' Service, my children, service: that is our role; to be 'servants to all, so that in our days the faithful people may grow in merit and in number'.

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